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Affordable and Professional House Reblocking in Melbourne

Does your home feel as though it is listing to one side? Have you noticed any of the telltale signs of structural instability such as cracks in the walls, doors not being able to close properly, or sloping floors? Possessing decades of training and hands-on experience the skilled and qualified team at Tim’s Reblocking can restore your home’s foundations to their former glory.

Often caused by shifting soil conditions directly beneath the property, foundation issues can develop quickly or slowly over time depending on your environment. As soon as you have begun to notice the effects of foundation movement it is highly important that you secure advice from industry experts. With over 23 years of first-hand experience Tim’s Reblocking is just the team you’ve been searching for. Using the best materials, combined with innovative and personalised restoration methods and techniques, all the works completed by our attentive team come with a 10-year satisfaction guarantee to give you lasting peace of mind.

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Our Services

At Tim’s Reblocking it is our ambition to meet all the needs and requirements of our customers living throughout Melbourne. As a part of our comprehensive service we can complete everything from house restumping, to reblocking, and including house raising. As industry experts we can help you with:

  • House raising/reblocking and hold
  • House sliding or on-site moving
  • Structural steel beams
  • Steel, concrete and timber stump replacement
  • Relevelling and bracing
  • Under-house excavation work

To continue to provide superior structural improvement services to Melburnians the skilled and professional team at Tim’s Reblocking can assist home and business owners living and working in Melbourne’s Eastern and South Eastern suburbs as well as West and Central Gippsland. Don’t let structural problems become too expensive thanks to Tim’s Reblocking.

Call us today on 0438 517 110 for more information! 

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